Promotes intention-revealing tests

By adopting terms like Given, When and Then, properties like Subject, Result and APIs like UseThe() and The(), Chill keeps your tests clean and readable.

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Auto-mocking without pain

Build your own implementation of IObjectMother and allow Chill to create the test objects you need. Or use the officially supported plug-ins.

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First-Class Asynchronous Support

Whether your Givens and Whens are using async and await or not, either one or all, Chill got you covered and will handle this as you expect.

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Any Test Framework, Any Platform

Works with any platform targeting .NET Standard 1.1 or 2.0 and any unit testing framework that supports IDisposable.

Cleans up all your disposable objects

Does your Subject or any of your test objects created using The implement IDisposable. Chill will clean-up after you.

Extensible & Flexible

You want to use your own IoC container or mocking library? We got you covered.

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